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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Every organisation feels the benefit of a healthy and productive workforce

Healthy Environments

Healthy work environments have been proven to enhance performance and productivity, minimise tension and conflicts, reduce absence rates and allow your business to attract and retain the very best talent.

So, not only does having a healthy workforce make good business sense, there is also a legal imperative for an employer to reduce the risk of harm to their employees to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). That is why it is imperative to have your psychosocial risk assessment in place.

Risks to mental health, caused by psychosocial hazards, are generally related to six areas which can lead to damaging outcomes if not managed appropriately: demands, control, support, relationships, role and change.

It is important to be guided by competent advice when you are addressing psychosocial risk, as some workers may be more likely to be exposed than others, which can be amplified by other issues they have outside of work.

Informing Strategy

Before our clients approached us, they all knew that they had to address mental health within their workplace, but few knew how to do it. That is where we help, and partner with them on every step of the journey.

We help our clients define what they want to do with a vision & mission. Then we measure where they are now, before mapping out where they want to go. Finally, we work with them to create objectives that let them know their progress, and also when they arrive at their final destination.

If that all sounds simple, that's because it is (especially when you are being supported by industry professionals). The one part that everything hinges upon is your psychosocial risk assessment, and it is within this document that you will be able to bring the most amount of benefit to your business and workforce by ensuring your resources are targeted in the right areas.

Let's not forget, in the UK alone during the 2021/2022 period, the Health and Safety Executive reported that there were 17 million lost work days due to stress, depression and anxiety. This is a business critical subject.

Why choose us?

This is a common question that all mental health providers are asked, and one that we welcome. The simple answer is competence. All of our mental health & wellbeing services are lead by our own in-house full time clinical psychologist. Why did we invest so heavily in retaining an inhouse expert?

We recognise how important mental & wellbeing is. The uncomfortable truth is that suicide is the biggest killer of males in the UK under the age of 45. This is not a subject that should be left to HSE or HR generalists, this is a medical discipline that needs to be tackled by experts in that field.

This means your organisation can have complete peace of mind that, not only are you doing the right thing in terms of your legal compliance and commercial relevance, but that you have a competent medical expert who is ensuring that your company's actions are commensurate to the risk.

To make your free no-obligation appointment with our Director of Clinical Psychology, follow the 'Contact' tab above. If you choose to visit our office in Aberdeen then you can also benefit from a tour our private clinic, or we would by happy to travel (internationally) to your offices and/ or worksite.

What follows are a description of some of our services (not exhaustive):

- The creation of a cohesive and effective mental health and wellbeing strategy that involves all stakeholders (including the workforce) that is driven by risk assessment, that encourages a working environment that recognises and embraces mental health as part of whole person health.

- We work with a team of mental health professionals who are all either clinically trained or qualified through the Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA). These personnel visit onshore or offshore worksites to ensure a workforce has regular access to a competent professional.

- We design and deliver workforce training, including mental health first aid. This includes bespoke training for both management and leadership functions. This tiered tactical approach to training ensures that the right level of knowledge is landed with the job functions that need it the most.

- Working with a client to design fundamental systemic changes within their management system to ensure the elimination of any unnecessary psychosocial hazards within the organisations job design. This generally results in a more efficient management with excess 'noise' removed.

Engaged Office Workers
Checking Things Off a Checklist
All Integrity HSE mental health & wellbeing services are lead by our own in-house clinical psychologist.


Aberdeen & Grampian Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce sit at the heart of local business communities across the UK and beyond. Offering unrivalled expertise, networks, and connections, bringing together thousands of companies of every size and sector together to thrive and grow. Integrity HSE are proud members of Aberdeen & Grampian and, as one of the largest and most influential Chambers, we have aligned our organisation with the mission of making a positive difference in the community.

Clients with Integrity

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“Having watched the fantastic and meteoric rise of Integrity HSE, and knowing both Steve and Darrell as consummate and industry leading professionals it was an easy choice to bring on the Integrity HSE team to support in a major project, and we have been extremely satisfied with the service received. The team provided competent HSE professionals for the project and quickly embedded themselves in the Noble values very quickly.

Integrity HSE have met what was requested within the proposal and continue to add further value outside of the scope. I would have no issues with having them support us in the future on further projects and happy to recommend to anyone looking at their excellent and growing range of services”

Barry Quinn
Global Program Director

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“I commissioned Integrity HSE for a specific project and have been delighted with the service I have received. Nothing is too much trouble and I really enjoy their solutions-based approach. It is great having members of their team in the office sitting with us, they add far more value than is reflected in their PO. In terms of corporate and operational HSE support, I would have no issues on calling on HSE Integrity for further support”.

Clair McNair
QHSE Director

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“We use Integrity HSE for project support, and they are nothing short of excellent. Their personnel integrated seamlessly within our existing teams and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that our clients really appreciate. We lean on them for a range of services from project planning and hazard identification & risk assessment (HIRA 1 & 2) to incident investigation and attendance at vessel/ port calls.  I genuinely couldn’t be happier with their service and look forward to watching our organisations grow in unison”.

Patrick Crawford
Managing Director

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“The ModuSpec business relies on our ability to consistently deliver excellence. When I involve Integrity HSE in that process, I get the peace of mind and a hassle free service that comes from working with people I trust. You can rely on them to execute the job and deliver exactly what is expected. I have a brilliant relationship with my account manager, and know I can call him at any time with confidence that he won't let me down. Integrity HSE are my number one choice to deliver a ‘best in class’ service”.

Alex Munro
HSEQ Manager

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“I have always found it a pleasure to work with Integrity HSE. The standard of their personnel is impressive, and the level of professionalism they add to my projects is second-to-none. I am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our organisations and have no hesitation in recommending them to other business owners."

Mark Rushton
Chief Executive Officer at STC INSISO

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